Protecting Human Capital

A Focused Approach

Human Capital refers to the economic value of a labor force’s experience and skill.
Human Capital is the largest asset for most businesses.
However, not all labor is equal.


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Protecting Human Capital

The COVID-19 economy has spotlighted the value of key employees outside the traditional C-Suite.  These exceptional individuals are overworked and overstressed; one-size-fits-all benefits and pay raises do not do enough to compensate and protect these employees, nor do they safeguard the employer’s bottom line.  Our Focused Approach of Protecting Human Capital addresses both these security issues for the long term.

Ancillary Specialists is the authority on this innovative strategy.

Focused Approach

Recruiting and retaining quality employees is more important and more challenging than ever.  While HR departments are promoting equality and equity, disparity between workers has never been greater.  Some employees are simply more valuable to their company than others; and these employees feel overworked and underappreciated.  Our Focused Approach rewards these exceptional individuals and protects their Human Capital.

Ancillary Specialists is the authority on this innovative strategy.

About Us

Ancillary Specialists is a groundbreaking independent agency combining employee benefits, business risk management, and individual insurance expertise to focus on Protecting Human Capital.  We have 30+ years of group and individual insurance experience.  We offer an innovative strategy for companies to retain valuable employees and safeguard their bottom line.

Case Summaries

High Limit Disability

Who: $150,000+ incomes

Why: Insure any income level with our own 3-Layer Protection PlanSM

Upper-Level Benefits

Who: Top 20% of company salaries

Why: Provide additional coverage to supplement any existing group plan

Guaranteed Issue Disability

Who: Medically Uninsurable

Why: Obtain disability insurance with no medical or financial questions

Key Person Protection

Who: Extremely Valuable Employees

Why: Protect the business in the event of a loss of one of its key employees

Buy-Sell Disability

Who: Business Partners

Why: Address a threat that is 7x more likely than  premature death of a partner

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